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Wålstedt gård

In the autumn of 1918, Mary and Lennart Wåhlstedt came to Dala-fFloda. Their mission in life was to save the Swedish Landrace sheep and making a pioneering effort in the Swedish textile art.


It became a cultural act passed down through three generations.
Here you can visit Wålstedts agricultural and garden with its own farm shop and Textile workshop with the sale of yarns and fabrics of wool, angora silk and other exciting things.

After appointment, you can as a group visit the farm and get a tour around the farm with Per Wålstedt. Per tells us about the cultures and the greenhouse, the farm's philosophy and mission. Walking tour and slide show in the barn takes about 2 hours. By Meta you can order coffee or lunch. The shop remains open after the tour so you have the opportunity to trade the farm's products.

The farm shop sells organic vegetables from the fields in Hagen as well as a wide assortment of other organic products such as flour and semolina, juices and jams, pasta and ris.Våra hours Friday 10-17 Saturday 10-13.
The farm shop is also serving.

You can even stay overnight in Fäbostugan and experience true fäboro with associated swallowed.