Vattufjäll in Stöten

Take a swim in our activity center on Vattufjäll! Join in on a hot experience out in the cold! Outdoor jacuzzi is available. We offer you a wide selection of spas, treatments and massages. Our therapists are certified massage therapists, and we use Kerstin Florian products at the treatments - pleasurable treatments that produce results!



In directly connection to the bath is a cafeteria, Vattufjälls Sportsbar. We serve light meals, sandwiches, coffee, delectable pastries, ice cream and candy. We also have full serving rights.
Outdoor Jacuzzi. Experience a hot experience out in the cold! Rent a hot tub outside and enjoy the contrast of hot water and outdoor environment with snow. The hot tub has room for seven people!
We also have solarium.


  • Winter