Red painted timber cottage.

Västerdala On West AB cottages and caravan pitches.

  • Mobile phone: ++4670-5374921
  • Visiting address: Rågsveden 54 , 780 54 Äppelbo

Many mountain travelers have discovered that they get an extra half day skiing if they sleep over in Äppelbo and then continue to your final destination the following day. In Västerdala On West AB are both cottages, apartments, garden shed, rooms and house rentals. Caravan and tent sites.


Three smaller cottages, only for overnight stay at Vansbrosimningen, Swedish rally and Dansbandsveckan in Malung. It is usually full, but we can always arrange for more beds than those found in the three cottages.

Rural setting is also available in the larger house, rent a room or entire house.
Caravan and tent sites.