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Vansbrosimningen. Private room V200, Äppelbo

  • Visiting address: Ö. Born Postal Address: 780 54 Äppelbo

15 km N Vansbro. 4 bedrooms to rent in a private house during the swim event Vansbrosimningen.


Äppelbo, 15 km N Vansbro. 4 bedrooms in a private house, in rural surroundings, to rent during the event "Vansbrosimningen". 3 bedrooms on the first floor and 1 on the ground floor. Access to the kitchen, WC and shower in the house. The landlord is not here during this week. TV rooom on the ground floor.

Please bring bed linen and towels.

No smoking! Pets are welcome!

Faciliteter och service

  • Pets allowed