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Trip around lake Runn

Lake Runn, Dalarna’s second biggest lake, lies between the towns of Falun and Borlänge and it has an archipelago of more than one hundred islands. This trip has restaurants and cafés dotted along its length so you will not go hungry. There are also many great bathing spots; Främby Udde, Roxnäs Udde, Vikastrand and Uvbergsviken are just some of the better known ones.



A one-day trip is somewhere around 50 km – 70 km depending on which section you choose and where you start from. For example;
Falun-Ornäs-Borlänge-Torsång-Vikastrand-Falun – around 67 km
Falun-Ornäs-Torsång-Vika-Falun – around 55 km
Borlänge-Ornäs-Torsång-Borlänge – around 25 km.
The section between Falun and the town centre in Borlänge is signposted as Runnleden, or the ‘Runn Trail’ in English.

Length: One day
Approximate duration
Start: The trip is described in sections, as there are many starting points
Surface: About 75% paved and 25% gravel
Different types of roads; cycle path, cycle lanes and roads with mixed traffic.

Worth a stop
Stabergs ‘bergmansgård’ manor house
This Bergman-style manor house and surrounds, includes a baroque garden that has been renovated and restored to its original 18th century style and design. The former barn here is now a garden café and restaurant.

Vika Kyrka, or church, is famous for its 16th century murals depicting the gospels, as well its wooden sculptures from the 13th and 15th centuries.

This is a popular destination for its homestead and you should visit the medieval church. There is also a motor museum and if you get hungry you should visit the renowned Torsångs Café for local delicacy hästräka (brown shrimp), or grab a pizza at Älvkanten.

Ornässtugan was built some time around 1504 and is known to have harboured future king of Sweden Gustav Vasa. The king evaded Danish forces through the privy at the back of the loft. There are guided tours on offer, as well as a cozy café and small gift shop.


  • Summer
  • Leisure Cycling


Falun-Vikastrand-Torsång-Borlänge-Ornäs-Falun: approx. 67 km
This trip offers varied terrain and you can look forward to lake landscapes, built-up areas, open fields and the ever-present forest. This is a good alternative for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those interested in the culture and history of the region. The trail can be done in one day or you can split it into sections for multi-day trips. Easy cycling is on the agenda here with no particularly steep hills.

Falun-Vika-Torsång-Ornäs-Falun; approx: 55 km

Borlänge-Ornäs-Torsång-Borlänge: approx: 23 km
The Runn Trail is signposted between Borlänge and Falun, but please ignore the distances provided.

Borlänge – Ornäs 8 km
Start from outside the tourist information centre on Sveavägen and cycle past Sveatorget, over the cycle bridge and then turn left. Keep to the right on Domnarsvallen, take a left through the tunnel and a right past Tunabygdens Gammelgård (homestead museum). Cycle over the bridge across the Dalälven river. At the roundabout go straight ahead to cross the road and follow the cycle path, keeping left, around the roundabout. After the roundabout, cross over the road, and ride on the cycle lane on the right side of Faluvägen and continue straight ahead for 3 km. At the approach to Fågelmyra keep to the left of the road, go through the tunnel and follow the cycle path on Ornäsvägen for 1 km to reach Ornäs. Keep to the right across the railway line and then take a sharp left to continue on to Falun.

Ornäs-Falun 18 km
At the railway crossing in Ornäs follow the signs for Storsund/Haganäs and follow the road for 4 km through the villages of Tomnäs and Kyna. Having crossed the railway line once you will see the next railway crossing; but take the gravel path through the residential area instead. The section between Storsund and Liljesund is some 4 km on gravel path through forest. You cycle parallel with the railway on the right-hand side and there are glimpses of lake Runn. Continue through Hinsnoret, keep left at the 3-way intersection (Klippudden/Liljesund) and then take the first right on the gravel path which is marked as a cycle path/horse-riding trail. From this point it is around 4 km to Källviken. The cycle path is paved and continues along Källviksvägen towards Falun. Pass through the approach to Främby Udde and just after the water keep to the right and follow the shoreline around Östra Främby. After 1 km you will see Slussbron (lock bridge) on the right and you continue straight ahead. Keep to the right when you arrive at Strandvägen and then continue around lake Runn. Alternatively, you can cycle straight ahead for the town centre and Stora Torget (main square). There is also a cycle lane that runs through the parking lot Tiskenparkering that connects with bus terminus Knutpunkten and Resecentrum (travel centre).

Falun-Staberg-Vika 18 km
Start from the town centre in Falun, cycle past the bus terminus Knutpunkten, cross the road and cycle through the tunnel under the railway and past the large parking lot at lake Tisken. Take a left onto the cycle path and continue with the lake on your right. Look out for Café Slussvaktar’n and cycle on for a couple of kilometres on Strandvägen. This is a tight road and there is mix of traffic. Pass by the jetties at Hälsinggård and after the left turn on Hälsingstrand keep to the right on Roxnäsvägen (not over the railway). Cycle 1.5 km through the industrial area. Keep to the right on the 3-way intersection at Västra Strömvägen – the road changes into Östra Strömvägen before you cross the railway, take a right onto Centralvägen. After around 1 km through a residential area, take a right towards Uddnäs and keep to the right. Follow the cycle lane on Uddnäsvägen (mixed cycle lane and pavement) for 1.5 km until you see Birgittagårdens convent on the right. After approx. 500 metres follow Uddnäsvägen to the right and take the gravel cycle path towards Staberg. With 1 km left to Gamla Staberg cross the road for the cycle path on the left of road 69 and follow it approx. 5 km to Färnviken. Here you cross road 69 again and cycle towards Torsång and Vika. The road is paved here and you take Vikavägen all the way to Vika.

Vika-Vikastrand-Torsång 17.5 km
From the direction of Falun: After Vika church take a sharp left on Kolviksvägen towards the village of Strand. The road is tight and hilly, with mixed traffic, but offers fantastic views across a lake on the right-hand side. At the 3-way intersection in Strand keep to the right going down the hill and there is 2 kilometres left to Rankhyttans Herrgård (manor house) and Vasaladan. Continue around the lake for 1.5 kilometres to Folkarbyn, take the left turn and cycle 1 km to Åsen. Keep to the left towards Torsång. Follow the road for 8 km through Dalvik and Tronsjö that leads to Torsång. The last few kilometres of the trip are along the Lillälvan river and after the vehicle museum take the right across the bridge towards Torsångs Café.
The Vika-Torsång trip is on mixed traffic roads and is not suitable for children under the age of twelve.

Torsång – Ornäs 6 km
From Torsångs Café keep right on the cycle path with its own cycle bridge. At the roundabout keep to the right until you reach the sports centre. Cross the road and cycle through the residential area via Peter Kruses Väg – Prästgårdsvägen – play park and Frejvägen, before reaching Torsångsvägen where the cycle path begins after a couple of hundred metres. The road and paved cycle path are now separated until you reach Ornäs.

Torsång – Borlänge 9 km
From Torsångs Café keep right on the cycle path with its own cycle bridge. At the roundabout cross the road and cycle straight ahead. Cycle past the gardening centre and continue parallel with the Dalälven river some 4 km. After Utendal the cycle path turns to the left under the road. Continue along Islingbyvägen through Alsbäck, Nyckelby and Söpnarby. At Kälarvsgatan take a left, then take second on the right on Valhedsgatan. Follow the cycle path under the motorway so that you are on the right of the bridge on the approach to Borlänge. Keep to the right after the bridge, past the grocery store Ica Maxi, and take the exit on the right at the second roundabout. Follow the cycle path for 800 metres, keep to the left across the cycle bridge and left-right to arrive at the Borlänge tourist information agency at Sveatorget (square) and Sveagatan.