CBIS 6668961
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Toppturen XC 20 km

This trail is suitable for trained and accustomed MTB cyclists, as it consists of technical cycling over very many altitude curves.


Length: 20 km
Category: Black
Type of bike: MTB
Surface: Path, dirt road

Description: Start at Säfsen Resort. From Hyttan on the cycle path towards Fredriksberg. After a few kilometers, the first climb starts towards Solberget and Säfsen Alpin. Further on to Råberget via path and down from the top, the trail goes on a bit of really steep gravel road. Now a real climb up towards Österhöjden begins first on the gravel road and then on the technical path. Österhöjden is the tour's highest peak at 524 m asl and offers fantastic view. The last major downhill trail goes on a technical path and goes the last few kilometers down towards Säfsen on gravel road.