Träbord i vacker naturmiljö.

The Edible Country in Dalarna

Do you want to try out a unique culinary adventure? Then The Edible Country and cooking outside is something for you! Book a table in the middle of nature and a basket filled with wonderful local produce. In Dalarna there are two tables to choose from. One is located next to a whispering spring in Kloster just outside of Hedemora. The other one is placed the north of Dalarna, where your view will be the rolling blue mountains of Grövelsjön.

This is your opportunity to try out an unusual and exciting fine dining experience, in the middle of Dalarnas breath-taking landscape. The table in Kloster has Kloster manor house as its neighbour. Discover leafy greenery, calm meadows and an area rich with cultural and industrial heritage. The table in the north will offer a completely different scenery, Dalarna’s unique mountain world. Here hiking trails can take you to quiet nature and untouched wilderness.

You can book the tables here at the website. The menu will vary depending on which table you visit and the arrangement you prefer. If you choose to book a table and a basket you will prepare the meal yourself. A recipe will give you all the instructions needed to cook a wonderful outdoor meal.

There is also an option to hire a chef to enhance the experience. Try out a personalised tasting menu together with a renowned chef, or a four-course meal with flavours from Renbiten and the Sapmi culture.


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