Man som delar ut kaffe i kåsor till två tjejer i fjällmiljö.

The Drinkable Country

Expand your horizons and enjoy natural drinks from the mountains of Dalarna. Sweden’s landscape boasts a sensational pallette of tastes - perfect for mixing amazing drinks. Working with Sweden’s foremost drinks experts, we have developed creative drinks recipes based on local ingredients to help you taste your way around Sweden’s nature.

The Edible Country culinary concept is being expanded from Summer 2021 to include drinks experiences in the Drinkable Country. This initiative is a continuation of the world’s largest do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant, the Edible Country, where you can enjoy local ingredients sourced locally and prepare a meal with them outdoors, either on your own or with a chef.

Foreign and Swedish tourists alike can now enjoy unique Swedish drinks experiences around 16 tables at some of Sweden’s most naturally beautiful and peaceful locations. Savour ready-made local drinks or pick ingredients from the nearby surroundings. You can either go it alone or get some help from a local guide - such as the Renbiten family, the most southerly Sami family, at the Dalarna drinks experience. Every table offers something different depending on which nature-inspired drinks each individual guide has chosen to highlight for their region.

Dalarna drinks experience - The family-run Renbiten shop and café in Northern Dalarna focuses on raw ingredients from the mountains and Sami cuisine. They combine drinks-related activities with local food for an all-round experience! Together with your guide, you will take a short walk to pluck edible plants and create drinks with a taste of the mountains. How about a tea made from chaga mushroom or juniper berry, a dandelion and sorrel juice, or an alcohol-free tonic spiced with Norwegian angelica? You will learn what is edible, what tastes good and how to best prepare it all. You will then create a complementary meal using raw ingredients from Sami cuisine. Your guide, herbs/plants, drink, local raw ingredients, recipe and meal kit are all included in the package.

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The Drinkable country

The table can be booked from June to September.

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All the way up in the north of Dalarna you’lld find the tip of Sweden’s longest mountain range, with some of the oldest mountains in the world. Gently sloping hills make Grövelsjön one of the most popular areas for both Swedish and foreign visitors.

Plant and herb hike with guide and lunch:
A short guided hike where you will expand your knowledge and get the opportunity to create your own drinks made from the plants and herbs you find in the mountains with the help of your guide. You will also prepare a lunch using raw ingredients from Sami cuisine. Raw ingredients, instructions and all the equipment you need is included. Everything is alcohol-free.
Price: SEK 875/person.
Please book at least 48 hours in advance.
Only available on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm from 15 June to 30 September.
Minimum 4 fully-paying participants.


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