Mat På Riktigt - a new real food restaurant

A newly-opened, innovative lunch restaurant named Mat På Riktigt (“Real Food”) has recently opened at Kulinariet, a gastronomic destination in Stora Skedvi. Their aim is to serve taste sensations in a modern, elegant and thought-provoking manner, with locally-produced ingredients taking centre stage.

- We feel that the local farmers should be better rewarded for their work, gain more attention and have their produce elevated to its rightful status, says founder and chef Görgen Tidén.

Nose-to-tail eating is an important part of the restaurant’s philosophy - making the most of the cuts of meat that are usually considered too unrefined to serve and end up as mince.

- Cuts such as pork belly, pork trotters, oxtail, blade steak and beef shank- we’re going to use every part of the animal. We’re going to put Dalarna on the map as a real foodie destination and set an example to the rest of the country’s restaurants.

Mat På Riktigt will serve an à la carte lunch on Thursdays-Sundays from 11am-3pm and it can seat 70 people. From 6 June to 8 September, the restaurant will be open for lunch every day, Monday-Sunday. Read more here.

LissEllas Mustard - the local producers who won four medals at the Worldwide Mustard Competition

Sweden’s most celebrated mustard producers, who just won several awards at the most recent Worldwide Mustard Competition in the USA, are from Garpenberg, in southern Dalarna.

- It’s unbelievable that LissEllas in Garpenberg manages to bring home medals from the Worldwide Mustard Competition year after year. Winning three gold medals in the same year, and beating the barbecue-crazy Americans with our Cowboy BBQ Dream, is a dream come true, says LissElla’s mustard maker Olle Bengtsson.

The Worldwide Mustard Competition take place every year in Wisconsin, USA and mustard producers from all over the world compete in 16 different categories. The 2019 competition gathered competitors from countries including the USA, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany and Canada.

LissEllas mustard and BBQ sauces are sold at Visthusboden food hall and several Taste of Dalarna farmshops. If you’re interested in learning more about mustard as a condiment, LissElla offers tasting sessions and information for groups about their various kinds of mustards. Read more here!