Farm shops and food markets

Shop for locally-grown, freshly harvested produce according to the season, as well as matured cheeses, hand-baked crispbread, the local variation of thin bread, “tuttul” and Sami delicacies. All our farm shops are open during harvest season and several of them at other times of the year, for example Sahlins Struts ostrich farm, the recently opened Renbiten deli in Falun, Rättviks Tunnbrödsbageri and Murboannas Ost cheeses.

Dalarna’s covered food market is called Visthusboden and is a part of the culinary hub Kulinariet in Stora Skedvi. You’ll find a huge range of products and ingredients from our local food and drinks producers on the shelves here. Right next door is the unique crispbread bakery, Skedvi bröd, where bread is baked by hand in wood-fired ovens. Sit for a while and enjoy the fresh bread fragrances and warmth of the ovens; you can buy the delicious crispbread in Visthusboden.

Dalarna has a cornucopia of food and drinks producers to choose from and sample. All the producers in Taste of Dalarna’s share a passion for craftsmanship and a pride in producing handmade products made from scratch from ingredients primarily from Dalarna where possible and, failing that, from Sweden.

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