CBIS 910119
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Nature reservate.


Is a varied nature reservate, from clearcutting to 200 years old pine forest. Here many different species enjoy of being and there's a vast of natural forests, with some small mix with aspen, willow, birch and rowan. Beside the pine that grows here there are a lot of dead wood and snags, so endangered birds, vascular plants and cryptogams (eg mosses, fungi, etc.) prefer this area and therefore its largest reason for nature reservate protection. The area is hilly and otherwise consists of dalaporfyr and an upper layer of diabase. It is possible to see traces of the earlier fires that ravaged, if you follow the stream that goes from Tangeråstjärn you can find a kolbotten and there are also traces of old foundations.

Within the reserve it is not allowed to ...
- Drive a motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be made in connection with rescue operations. Exemptions also apply to driving a snowmobile on the marked trails in the snow-covered ground.
- Disturb or harm wildlife such as by climbing nest trees or knowingly reside closer rovfågelbo, den or burrow than 100 m
- Damage living or dead - standing or fallen - trees and shrubs, dig up or pick flowers, mosses, lichens and wood fungi

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