CBIS 6070310
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Nature reserve & Natura 2000 area.


Is located west of Gryveldammen, on Svargessiåsen. The northern part is dominated by marshland, and bordering towards Svartgessitjärnen, whose shores are lined with quagmire. The forest consists of pine trees about 400 years, but younger forest and a large element of snags in the area. Natural forest has arisen after forest fires, which resulted in a large variety of species that depend on dead wood.

Within the reserve is not allowed to ...
- Damage the soil or geological objects,
- damage living or dead
- standing or fallen
- trees and bushes
- pick or dig up flowers, mosses, lichens and wood fungi,
- fire other than in designated places,
- implantation of the area alien plant or species,
- drive a motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be made in connection with rescue operations,
- disturb wildlife such as by climbing the nest trees or knowingly reside closer preditarnest, den or burrow than 100 meters
- bring unleashed dogs.

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