CBIS 2201418
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Styggforsen nature reserv

Nature reserve with a 36 meter high waterfall. Extraordinary example of the power of the meteorite impact which hit this area 377 million years ago. There is a trail of about 1 km around the falls and the enchanting surroundings. Rare butterflies and plants. Interesting cultural history. Small cafeteria open in the summer season.


By the nature reserve there is an asphalt parking, there is also a summer open café and resting area. From the parking lot leads a walking trail down into the reserve.

At times the trail will get very steep, but there is stairs and banisters to help. Some parts of the trail have protective fences. But it is still important to keep an eye on children and dogs! Those who only have the opportunity to get through the reserve on wheels can do so in the eastern part where the trail is graveled. Keep in mind that the trail is partly steep and if you are in a wheelchair you may need assistance.

In the reserve there are prepared fireplaces with benches to sit on. If you are planning to make a fire these are the places you should use. It is prohibited to make a fire anywhere else in the reserve.

Facilities and service

  • Children/Family