Stor-Per Svensa Stone

Stor-Per Svensa Stone

The stone has been estimated at a weight of about 1200 kg.



This story was about a stone lying in the river where the men would float timber and put to inconvenience as the timber stuck on its way down the rapids. Several men had been out during the day in the rapids and with spit and hand broken on the stone to get it up to no avail. In the evening, the men sat in the hut and discussed how they could get rid of the stone when Per - who did not participate in the discussion but listened in the background - apologized and said he would go out for a ride. This thought the guys sounded strange, so they decided to follow him. When they discover that the Per-rack banging down to the river and begins laboriously budge the big stone out of the river by hand. Proceed to the end, he got it all the way up from river bank, and where is it today and can be seen for those who are curious.

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