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Statues in Orsa

Bro-bro Breja: Statue made by Ebba Hedqvist. Orsa Emalj: work of art made in enamel, by Per Myrström. Orsa Korpral Gifting: Statue made in bronze, by Domenico Inganni. Orsa Kunskapens Träd: Sculpture in forging made by Erik Lindberg.Orsa Orsabruden: Statue made in bronze, by Lenny Clarhäll 1992. Orsa Skidåkaren: The work of Calle Örnemark. Grönklitt Spiran: Statue made of wood, by Jörg Jeschke from Falun. Orsa Städet: A big anvil with a chain, reminiscent of the era of chain manufacturing in Orsa. Tingshusparken: Made by Per Myrström. Orsa