CBIS 1295733
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Södra Trollegrav

Nature reserve & Natura 2000 area.


With primeval forest and a ravine, with several side canyons and two waterfalls, high vertical cliffs, this area is well worth visiting. The deep ravine have been protected by the spruceforest from forest fires and this has created a special environment for endangered lichens and wood fungi, such as Millet and mountains cut.

Within the reserve it is not allowed to ...
- Do damage to the soil or geological objects
- damage living or dead
- standing or fallen
- trees and bushes
- pick or dig up flowers, mosses, lichens and wood fungi / mushrooms
- fire on anything other than the designated spot
- implantation of the area alien plant - or species
- drive a motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be made in connection with rescue operations.
- disturb wildlife such as by climbing the nest trees or knowingly reside closer to a prediatorial birdnest, den or burrow than 100 meters
- bring unleashed dogs.

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