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Snow mobile rental

Rent a snow mobile for maximum winter recreation! Yamaha Vt 500 scooter. Other models are also available.



Try speeding along inhilly and wild terrain, or gently glide along snow covered fir trees. A snow mobile tour is the perfect combination to a fishing trip, where you can explore new territories.

Rental rates:
One day, 1500 SEK
Rent for two days, 2800 SEK
Rent for three days, 4000 SEK

Included in the price: a maximum of 100 km per day. Over that is 50 SEK per 10 km. Fuel not included. A fee of 8000 SEK is charged if there is any damage to the rented vehicle.

Requirements: Minimum age for drivers is 18 years. Valid driver license for snow mobile.

Contact us for more information.
+46(0)70-523 32 50