About Skating Dalarna

Skating Dalarna is a partnership between trip skating destinations of Dalarna to promote and assure the quality of the region’s trip skating destinations so that more people can enjoy skating on our prepared natural trails.

Skating Dalarna makes Dalarna’s trip skating experiences more accessible and provides an overview of these on theme pages with trail descriptions, ice safety information and ice-reports. As a visitor you can also look forward to a range of related services and facilities, as well as clearly signposted trails.

What you can expect of Skating Dalarna destinations:

⦁    At least one prepared trail on natural ice

⦁    Starting point with parking and information

⦁    Ice report on trails

Services at the starting points vary. Some have full service with food, accommodation and ice skate hire, while others offer only parking and perhaps a barbecue spot. Read more at each starting point.


The Skating Dalarna trails are all prepared on natural ice and the quality can therefore vary. Even in a single season you can expect cracks in the ice and uneven quality as the ice changes character as a result of temperature and weather condition. For the safety of our personnel those preparing the trails, the ice should be at least 10 cm to take the weight of a snow scooter and at least 20 cm thick for a mini-tractor. Away from the trails the ice conditions can change completely.

An ‘ice reporter’ reports on the condition of each trail and the report contains details ice quality and conditions. Trails may be closed for the safety of skaters. The ice reports offer tips and information. You always skate at your own risk.