Shopping in Dalarna

Want a souvenir of Dalarna? We give you the Dala Horse, the delightful red-painted and kurbits patterned icon of Dalarna and Sweden. They are still produced in the totally charming village of Nusnäs, visit the factory and see the whole process of making the Dala Horse.

If you fancy a bit of retail therapy while in Dalarna look out for Nittsjö folklore-style pottery from Nittsjö Keramik located near the town of Rättvik. You can visit the pottery, founded in 1840, or buy their wares throughout the province. More iconic Dalarna goodies? Buy some Leksand Knäckebröd (crispbread) and crack it with friends and family back home. It’s made here in Dalarna in the town of Leksand and you can buy it at any grocery or supermarket. Also keep your eyes peeled for hand-printed textiles from Jobs Handtryck. 

In the towns of Falun, Borlänge, Mora and Hedemora you’ll find shopping centres with all the big Swedish retail brands, as well as charming shopping streets. 

If you want innovative modern designs inspired by Dalarna’s traditions and culture look out for the following names in shops: Mia Svalänge, Karin Ferner, Ylva Skarp, Lilla Lisa Design, Pappelina, Systrarna Kax, Lisa Staffas and Malin Ehlin. All of the designers work locally and their range of designs include children’s clothes, fashion and accessories, illustrations and prints, textiles, household goods, jewelry and more.


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