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Sälens massage clinic

Health Wellness Relaxation



Sälens Massage clinic is in Sälen during the winter months and at Böda Sand on Öland during the summer months.
We work primarily with various massage treatments in Sälen, and during the summer also with other types of spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures, scrubs and face treatments.
Our treatments have different purposes:
Health - With the really profound techniques we use, we can solve many long-standing and new muscle and pain problems.
Wellbeing - For us it means a lot to be able to help many fellow human beings to a better mood.
Relaxation - For many , it's nice to just come and have a relaxing massage.
Heat - To get the muscles to truly relax, we sometimes use heat in various forms, including "Hot Stone Massage" treatment for women and children back, shoulders & neck massage with herb balm & oil (30 min). A treatment for stiff and tired muscles in the shoulder and neck.
Here we also use an ointment with Thai herbs and our own coconut oil.

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Facilities and service

  • Summer
  • Winter


From Sälen village, turn left against the golf-court, take the first turn to the right on "Näsvägen".