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Sälen Glashytta

Try to create your own glass with us!. With the help of experienced glassblowers, you get the opportunity to try a cultural-historical crafts.



In the heat of the glass furnace, you will learn about the craft and get yourself the ability to manufacture your own glass objects. Our sample activities are designed for both adults and children. We arrange courses and corporate events for individuals and groups.

In "Sälen Glashytta" you will find shotglasses and juiceglasses, pitchers or carafes for wine or water. Here you will also find Glashyttans popular tulip vases, or now for Christmas santas of crystal. Everything in mouth-blown crystal, driven by hand and with unique designs.
Here, the shelves are always filled with different unique glass products in chrystal, everything is available in both first and second grade price friendly.
Designers for the smelting production is Kenneth Täckenström and Carina Löfgren.

Glass production is directly adjacent to the store, allowing you, while you shop, to take a look when new articles are made, or perhaps with the help of experienced glassblowers try yourself?

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