Ostriches looking at an ostrich egg.

Sahlins Struts (ostriches)

Farm shop and summer café in keeping with the ostrich theme. You are welcome into our shop where you can find plenty of products made from ostrich. The majority produced and refined on the farm. For us it is very important to care for nature and we always try to utilise all the resources we produce.



At Svedens farm, just south of Borlänge, the Sahlin family raises ostriches in a traditional family farming business. The family has owned the farm since 1903 and has developed it into the tourist attraction it is today, with more than 100 ostriches, a farm shop, a restaurant and a craft brewery making beer and soft drinks. Using the entire potential of the ostrich and in harmony with nature, production ranges over the whole chain from the earth to the table. Ostrich farming free from antibiotics ensures local high quality craft produce with pure tastes.

The café offers delicious cookies during the high season, mostly baked from recipes inspired by the ostrich eggs. The ice cream bar serves superb ostrich egg ice cream with 24 different flavours. The restaurant offers a choice of dishes with or without ostrich meat –try their best-selling ostrich-burger! They use local produce as far as possible and always try to serve meals cooked using raw materials from Dalarna.

From the ostrich we don´t only find the meat, but also the skin, the plumes, the fat and…. Come and see for yourself! Imagine everything you can from ostrich and you will still be surprised! Did you imagine chocolate filled with ostricheggliquor or soaps made from ostrich oil?

Some of our products you can find in our web-shop www.sahlinsstruts.com. The eatable delicasies you will mainly find in the shop.


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