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Runn Sailing

Sailing boat hire by the day, half day or hour.


Runn Sailing is located on it's own pier at Främby Udde Resort.

The "Wayfarer" class Sailing dinghies are rigged for you and supplied with a chart of the lake, compass, radio and 100N buoyancy aids. The boats can accommodate four adults or two adults and up to three small children. Runn Sailing has it's own rigid inflatable boat to take you to the wind or indeed bring you back if it fails. Hire is available by the hour, half or full day.

The sailing season runs from 1st June to the 31st August. Boats may be hired in September by arrangement. Hours are 08:30 - 18:30 and overnight if you wish to explore the islands, or as agreed with customers. Booking a boat is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Booking can be made via the 'contact' page at www.runnsailing.com or on the telephone 072-913 44 77.