Roller skaters on the track.

Roller skiing in Snöån.

  • Contact person name: Dala-Järna Idrottsklubb
  • Visiting address: Snöå , 786 72 Dala-Järna

Here is one of Sweden's best roller ski courses, designed by Gunde Svan. You'll also find one of Sweden's biathlon facilities here whith 25 shooting lanes. During the summer its a lot of path for walking, running and biking.



At Snöå stadium there are different trails that are illuminated. It is possible to go whith a car up to the highest point on the course and where to go on a trail that is about 800m with slightly hilly course, very suitable for beginners. Snöån is also a popular training facility for both summer and winter. A few hundred meters from the stadium are Snöå Mansion with restaurant and overnight accommodation.


From Vansbro Go rv 71 towards Borlänge about 12 km by Dala-Järna and turn left at the sign Snöå bruk.