Idre Kulturhus in summertime

Restaurant Lodjuret

  • Phone: ++46253-200 12
  • Visiting address: Framgårdsvägen 1, 79091 Idre
  • Opening hours: Every day 11:00-22:00

A cozy restaurant with both delicious dishes and extrordinary pizzas in town!



Housed in Idre Culturehouse, takes Lodjuret's staff care for all guests coming in for a bite to eat. The menu is large and there is always something for everyone! Today's dishes are often dishes, both traditional and newer versions.

At major sporting events many interested are gathered to see it at their big screen TV.

Good to know

  • Lunch
  • Summer
  • Vegetarian
  • Winter


Go on RV 70 through Idre Village, after the gas station the Idre Cultural Centre and Restaurant Lodjuret gets visible on the left.