CBIS 2557955
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Rent your own lake for fishing

A beautifully located forest lake with plenty of game fish. Bridges and boardwalks are all around the lake making it easy to fish. The facility is handicap friendly.



The lake outside Ulfshyttan is a small facility where smaller groups can be received in a relaxed and natural environment. Hästhagstjärn has plenty of game fish of different sizes.
Two large shelters with tables and benches.with room for two fires where there is the opportunity for guests to cook / grill your own food. Everything is under one roof.

We offer fly fishing lessons for beginners of all ages with a qualified casting instructor.

For information: 0243-25 11 88, 073-554 56 55 eller 070- 299 78 09.

Facilities and service

  • Physically disabled facilities