The Porphyry Hiking Trail

Hike in wonderful nature along the porphyry trail – Explore historical places around Älvdalen.



The trail binds together old trails from the time of the mountain farms. It goes around Älvdalen in a circle so you can start where you like. The reason it is called The Porphyry trail is because it passes by interesting places for the porphyry making, for example the porphyry factory in Västäng and the porphyry quarries in Blyberg.

Length: About 50 kilometers, mixed terrain. The trail passes by Västäng, Evertsberg, Oxberg, Blyberg and Skärklitt.

Trail marks: Orange trail marks, signs “Porfyrleden”. Blue trail marks to an alternative route, an attraction or windshield.

Hiking example: Start in Västäng, follow orange trail marks to Evertsberg, follow the Vasaloppet trail marks towards Oxberg, cross the main road RV70 and hike towards Blyberg. In Blyberg, follow orange trail marks to the quarries, blue marks around the quarries. Orange marks towards Skärklitt. Follow the trail back to Älvdalen centre and then towards Västäng.

Maps: Norstedts Sverigeserien 81 and 82


  • Children/Family
  • Summer