CBIS 1293432
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The area is a so-called marsheswoodmosaics around lakes Norder and South Piltlok mixed-age forest.


There are plenty of old, rough and dead trees, which many endangered insects, fungi and lichens are dependent. The reserve covers 104 hectares, being 74 hectares are productive forest. The area consists partly of pure pine forest and semi-conifer forest. Although there are traces of the early logging shows high forest primeval values. The forest is mixed age, the oldest trees are around 400 years old. Many trees are also traces of past forest fires. Two ponds, Norder and South Piltlok is centrally located in the reservation, and they are bound together by Piltloksbäcken, which flows northward. The bedrock is composed of porphyry, covered with a mighty moraine layer. Between the lakes are moraine ridges of rogenmoräntyp.

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