Two dogs in the snow

Peakpoint Sled dog adventure - Sälen

The lunch tours have gotten more and more popular over the last few years. The tour takes about 3 hours and includes a tasty and warming lunch after about half the distance. We travel through one of Sälenfjällen’s most beautiful mountain areas, and we pass through Synddalen and Öjskogsfjällets stunning hill sides where bears have their dens.



We stop by Lägerdalsfjället where we prepare and eat our lunch in our cosy hut with a sparkling fire. This is a nice family experience, and is also suitable for groups of friends or maybe even your work team.

We guarantee that you will experince a genuine wilderness experience when we travel through nature reserves and enjoy the silence of the mountains, since it is forbidden to drive snow mobiles here.

Facts about the Lunch Tour:
The length of the tour is about 20-22 kilometres and takes about three hours including lunch break.
We have 6-8 dogs per sled.
One or more guides travel with you on the tour.
You travel group wise and one sled fit about 2-3 adults. Feel free to try to run the sled yourself if you are curious.
Lunch is included in the price.
Remember warm clothes to make the tour more enjoyable.

Prices; Adults: 1200 SEK/person, Children: 700 SEK/person


  • Children/Family
  • Winter