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Parking for motorhomes

Mora, at the northern end of Siljan lake, is nestled between glittering water and blue mountains. The municipality offers a variety of activities and visits in sports, outdoor life, art and culture.


In the municipality there are, besides camping sites, Mora camping, Åmåsängsgården and Våmåbadets Camping various parking options for the motorhome tourist.
Motorhomes can also be parked at Mora Golf Club's parking, Golfvägen Sandängarna about 2 km N Mora center, road 70 towards Älvdalen. SEK 150 / night if you play golf otherwise SEK 300 / night. This includes electricity, WC and shower.

Motorhomes are parked like other vehicles on public parking according to the rules that apply to each parking lot. See signage or information on the municipality's website Make sure that the motorhome gets fit within the parking area and that the motorhome is classified as a passenger car if it should be on a passenger car parking. Otherwise, we would like to refer to the commercial places and campsites within the municipality, for those with motorhomes who may want to stay longer and get more service.

Late drainage: Drainage and filling of water at Mora Parken's campsite for a fee, SEK 100.

Pecuna Motorhome offers service and repair of motorhomes. Here, also LPG is sold and in the store there is a wide range of equipment for the motorhome.
Tingsnäsvägen 21 A
792 32 Mora
Tel. 0250-211 50

We wish you a pleasant stay in Mora!