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Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Predator Park is the biggest of its type in Europe and lets you experience these fabulous large predators in their natural environment. Go on one or all of the three themed guided tours here; predators, tigers and animal training.



The animal experts offer you their knowledge and insight and you get to see the animals being fed. You also get close to, but thankfully not to close to, these wild and wonderful animals on the network of viewing platform and walkways.

Watch the look on your kids’ faces when the tigers roar for food! Bears, wolves, lynx, fox, eagle owls and wolverines live in the park. The park is also home to one Kodiak bear. Polar World is home to polar bears Ewe and Wilbär, and at the Leopard Center you will find Persian leopards. Atop the park is Tiger Mountain where the world’s largest feline, a Siberian tiger lives. There are also exhibitions and lectures available.

Refreshments and educational activities are included.

Open year-round. And don't forget your binoculars!

Facilities and service

  • Children/Family
  • Summer
  • Winter