Waterfall in mountain environment.

Olåns vindskydd & Silverfallet - 7 km

  • Visiting address: Sjövägen 14 , 790 91 Idre

Olåns shelters near the Norwegian border is a popular destination, well ahead, you are met by the old meadow, lush vegetation at Olån and the small waterfall is a bright spot on the tour.



From Grövelsjön, where the road ends, the trail to the left against a suspension bridge over the river Grövlan. Follow the winter paths (red crossed) and signs for the Silverfall, about 3.5 km single way that goes mostly above the tree line. Retrace your steps or follow the reindeer fence on the Swedish side, north to Valdalsleden. Go east down back against Grövelsjön.
This tour can also be made from Storsätern (Ollarsliden) and car park 500 m before the Norwegian border.


  • Children/Family
  • Summer