Norra Trollegrav

Nature reserve & Natura 2000 area.


Located in the north of Älvdalen firing range is this area of a valley of sprucetree with mixed elements of pine and deciduous forest. The actual Trollegrav is a deep valley with waterfall and is an extension of Rotälven, protected by steep banks of the scenic environment. The forest has a primeval character, there are trees that are up to 250 years old but much many of them are younger. Here also grows the poisonous wolf lichen, which were used along with broken glass, to bait in and kill wolves. There are many different environments for animals and plants in the forest landscape and you can follow them downstream will ultimately lead you to Rotälvens waterfall. The bedrock in the area in the western part consists of Bredvallsporfyr and in the east of Granite of Garbergstype.

There is a marked hiking trail that leads from the forest road in the south to Norra Trollegrav, it goes along Rotälvens eastern side and into the reserve, at Härjedalenboarder there's a bridge leading over Rotälven and into the western part of the reserve.

On the south side of the forestroad where the path towards the nature reserve begins you can find a small hut with a dry toilet.
NOTE! Demanding Hike!


  • Summer