Nornäs chapel

The youngest chapel in the parish.



In 1889, deposed a cemetery in Nornäs. Thus writes the dean CW Soderstrom in his book:

"At Nornäs in Finnmark was held in this summer of a sub egoindelningen exceptions to the burial plot, it is located near the lake Noran between East and Vestra Nornäs. - Was officially opened by Kyrkoh. Soderstrom with meditation upon 1 Cor. 15:42, 43 ... the simple act in conjunction with the serenity of nature and the site's beautiful location made ​​a profound impression on the participation. "

In the 1940s, built a bisättningshus below the cemetery. In 1957 the bishop visited the Cullberg Nornäs and he realized that there was needed a better bisättningshus or chapel. A chapel had long been the villagers' desire, and in 1953 appointed a committee called in drawings and cost estimates at a chapel. A proposal by the architect Ernst Auby from Stockholm was adopted. The chapel was built in Nornäs summer of 1965 and inaugurated on 18 September of that year by Bishop Sven continues.

The time of the stack has been donated by the file. Laws. Torsten Palmqvist from Gothenburg. His wife was a native of Nornäs and her wish was to rest in this cemetery and in memory of her donated Palmqvist this bell, which bears the name "Karin time."

The organ in the chapel built by Gunnar Carlsson from Borlänge. The carpets in the chapel, and a bridal wreath of silver have been donated by Nornäs sewing circle.

The chapel is open all year around.

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