Nordisk Vildmarksupplevelse

We offer shorter and longer ridingtours both in forest and mountain, we also do riding lessons on our paddoc.



Riding tours is to experience the nature and adventure from the horseback. Our horses are nice touring horses which safely take you along forestroads and smaller paths passing lakes and streams along the Fulufjäll. We have 12 horses and 9 of them are icelandic which are famouse for their gaits pace and tölt. We also have north-swedish coldbloods and a norweigan fjordhorse Loke, which is the packleader.
In summer we can offer horse and wagon on tours up to two hours.
In winter we can do shorter riding tours and sledge tours also up to two hours. Some evenings in the week we can make a tour with torch and sledge.
We can do grouparrangements with barbecueing and horseactivities


  • Children/Family
  • Pets allowed
  • Summer
  • Winter