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Nipfjället is a long stretch mountain whose highest peak is the "Cloud" at 1191 meters.



Along with Städjan forming the nature reserve that extends over Fjätervålen the east and north towards Klutsjövålen. Between Nipfjället and Klutsjövålen is a vast wilderness area of ​​marshes, lakes and vast forests. The bedrock in the area consists of quartzite. Among the geomorphological forms are a number of high interest. Slukåsarna on Fjätervålen is the county's largest and has been described in various scientific contexts. Between Fjätervålen and Städjan's a beautiful area with Rogen moraine.

The vegetation is dominated in the mountains of rice and lavhedar. Even below the mountains is the most common type. On Städjan western slope is a lush pine forest which is at times primeval. North of fjällmassivet and Large Harundsjön are areas of virgin forest in the form of sparse pine forests where there are no traces of logging are available.

The two larger lakes Burusjön and Stora Harundsjön are popular fishing grounds for game fish. The area has many roads, including a top of the mountain moors south of Nipfjället. It is frequently used by visitors. The reserve has several trails and windbreaker's hut.

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Follow RV 70 by Idre By, about 100 meters after Ica turn right towards Nipfjället. Drive about 15 km up to Nipfjället bottom parking at Nipstugan, here it goes about 3 km up to Nipfjälls parking lot. The gravel road is Sweden's highest road and ends at a small turning area, along the way, you have the Magic Road. From Nipfjälls park's it's a walk at 3.5 km up to the "Cloud".