Nature camp in Älvdalens municipality.

Nature Camp in Älvdalen Municipality

Along with the Österdalaälven, there are camping sites from south Älvdalen up to Idre and further north towards Foskros.


In Älvdalen Municipality it is possible to camp ‘in the middle of nature’.

The sensation of spending the night in the middle of the wilderness with rich flora and fauna in a
camper, caravan or a tent is beyond description, it is something you must experience.

In order to preserve and protect the sensitive environment along the waterways, the local authority has decided on controlled camping within certain areas. Along a stretch of 200 km in the municipality there are about 40 organised campsites equipped with toilets, shelters
with campfires and wood (called slogbod) and information boards.

Outside of these campsites it is possible to camp out in accordance with the Right of Public Access, meaning that you can camp out in one place for one night without having
the landowner’s permission. The objective is to protect and preserve the nature and provide for sustainable long-term use.

Fee for camping.