Two white cows are lying in the grass.

Nature and culture walk in Hälla Nature Reserve

Join us on a guided nature and cultural walk in Hälla Nature Reserve. Hälla is a unique nature area in Sweden, known as wicker river. The very scenic nature reserve Hälla extends seven kilometers along the Västerdalälven river and includes some 40 islands. In the area that holds a very rich flora and fauna, the endangered bead mussel



Starting point at Sälenakvariet in Transtrand. You drive your own car out to Hälla Nature Reserve. The guide tells and shows the unique landscape. Braided floods occur where water flows through such thick layers of sand and gravel that it forms a flat river plane with islets and noses. The meadows and islets are still used today as pastures and here and there are old meadows and witnesses of ancient mowers.

Sausage grilling and coffee cooking over open fire, scout and listen for different animals is included in the hike. Dalarnas landscape's bird Berguven has been seen in the area, there are also numerous beavers and even some otters can become visible.
The trip takes approx. 3-4 hours
Number of participants: 4-15.


  • Children/Family
  • Summer