Table and bench.

Näcksjövarden - Nature Reserve

In Näcksjövarden you get that wonderful wilderness feeling! Here are tall spruces, which grow on top of a porphyry mountain. Below the mountain are Näcksjön and Näckån surrounded by bogs and springs. There are many unusual plants and animals here. The nice rest area is prepared so that it is accessible to most people.



The whole area is of great biological interest despite the meager altitude and despite the fact that forestry was conducted quite a bit during the last century, when Näckån was used as a naval route. The trails of swamp forest are ecologically important for the area. The bogs are dominated by sloping tufted marshes, but flark systems and smaller rich marshes also occur. There you can come across King Karl's sprout and bear sting.

If you want to walk the trail that leads up to the top of Näcksjövarden, take a forest road just north of Bösjön. Directions to the reserve are sparse so a map is needed. At the end of the road there is a turnaround and a sign with information about the reserve. Here the path up to the top. Once up, you are greeted by a small tower and a windbreak. The view is amazing! The tower is entered at your own risk.

If you want to go to the accessibility-adapted part of the reserve, you can take the 45 from Orsa and turn off towards Näckådalen. About 1 km before you reach Näckådalen, the signs to the reserve begin, follow it. If you come from Mora, you start on Kanonvägen and then turn off to Bösjövägen. About 1 km after you pass Nedre Blecket, turn right onto Näckådalsvägen and follow it for 5 km, after which the signage towards the reserve begins.

After 10 km you will reach a large parking lot where the road also divides. There are two picnic areas in the area and if you take the road to the left, you will come to a picnic area with windbreak with the possibility to grill at, table and accessible outdoor toilet. This windbreak can be accessed by car. If you want to get to the second windbreak in the area, park at the large parking lot where the road splits. There you can then walk or roll a wheelchair on the 800 meter long gravel road. Once at the rest area, there is a windbreak with the possibility of grilling, tables and outdoor toilets adapted for wheelchairs.

You can reach Näcksjövarden by car from the so-called Kanonvägen between Våmhus and Rot, via a forest road north along Böån. When you have passed Bleckets shack and Prästvallen, you can park the car about 1500 meters north of Bösjön and only 50 meters from the reserve. From here, a marked path leads to the reserve.