Myckelberget & Torrberget - Hiking trail, Yttermalung

Length: 21 km difficulty level green bitwise red. time about 6-7 hours



The trail starts at Yttermalung camping and is initially easy. After about 4 km you arrive at Oxberget here, there will be a 75-meter rise on a distance of 700 meters. From here it runs down to Hunån, about 3 km. The last 2 km up to Myckelberget is uphill. From Myckelberget to Torrberget and again to Yttermalung camping it is easy terrain. If you think that the distance is too long, it goes by car both to Myckelberget and Torrberget.
From Myckelberget you can walk the trail which is 1.7 km up to Klacken (574m) a wonderful view to all the weather.


  • Summer