An adult and two children sitting on a small cliff and looking at the view, all three have a bicycle helmet, next to the cliff is a bicycle.

Mountain biking Säterdalen - Bispberg outcrop 13km

A challenging ride on mountain bike through beautiful mining environment up to Bispbergs outcrop. Take your time, climb up in stages and do not forget the water bottle.



For those who are challenged by quite a tough cycling. From the valley, through the mining environment in the village Bispberg up to the mountain top. The reward is a breathtaking view that is not turned off many other places in Dalarna. The mountain rises 315 m above sea level and from here you can for example see the ski jumps in Falun and mining benches in Garpenberg.

At Bispbergs outcrop there windshields and grill where you can enjoy your brought along a picnic. Then it goes fast downhill on trails and gravel roads back to Säterdalen.

Discover the unique environment in Säterdalen nature reserve along. On the bike you make your way down the ravine dense greenery where giant ferns gives the closest to a tropical impression. Explore the forested slopes and trails that follow Ljusteråns meandering water. A nice glass-break with a visit to the animals in the summer farm waiting.

The ravine also has a popular playground in the natural environment. Adjacent to the playground is Dalstugan serving lunch and refreshments.

The tour is suitable for children from 10 years upwards.

Mountain bike can be rented at the Cycle & Motor Säter 0225-525 80th Printed map of the bike tour and packages with accommodation available from Visit Södra Dalarna, 0771-62 62 62nd