The boat Gustav Wasa in the lake Siljan.

Motorhome parking and service in Leksand

Leksand attracts with nice environment, culture, authentic villages, but above all a variation of the attractions of the highest class . Midsummer celebrations in Leksand is visited by people from all over the world.


The municipality has different parking options for mobile tourist.

Leksand Strand Camping & Resort
Special mobile home places with the best location next to the reception and restaurant. These sites offer views of Lake Siljan and electricity is included (a total of 8 places). Also available area without electricity where you can stand with the campers.

Siljansvägen 61
793 22 Leksand
Tel. 0247-138 00

Rest Area on Highway 70
At the southern entrance to Leksand. Parking of accommodation, toilet and latrine open year round. Filling the water from May to October.

Kulturhusparkering next to the Culturehouse in Leksand
Permitted to park one day with the mobile home year-round, except during Midsummer. During this time, reference campers to nearby campsites (Leksand Strand Camping & Resort, Västanviks camping and campground Tallberg) .

Parking at Tegera Arena
Permitted to park one day with the mobile home all year round. This parking is within easy walking distance to the center of Leksand. It is also close to the municipal baths and Fitness Leksand Hall.

Fornby resting place
Fine resting place just by Siljan. The toilet at the rest area open from May to October.

For more information on parking in Leksand, see

Rest area along Highway 70 at the south entrance to Leksand is open year round for emptying. The water is turned on in May- October.
Leksand Strand Camping & Resort for a fee.

OKQ8 Leksand example gas bottles, decontamination agents and consumer batteries.

793 30 Leksand
Tel.0247-102 75

For information on campsites in Leksand see here: Camping at Siljan

We wish you a pleasant stay in Leksand!