A person stands at the top of a large rock with his arms outstretched and looks at the view.

Lybergsgnupen - Hiking trail, Malung

Gnupen is a heel of mountain having an eastern, steep slope of approximately 200 meters (656 ft.) presenting one with a fantasic view. Located between Öje and Limedsforsen with a height of 657 meters (2,155 ft.( above sea level.Marked trails, approximately 2,5 kilometers (1,5mile) long originate from both the Lybergs and Öjslybergs Chalets, the whole trail being approx. 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) Gnupen is a very popular outing destination and has both wind-shelter and grill area. 'Gnupen' is a 200-metre high rock spur. Nature preserve with rich flora. Wind shelter with grill pit and expansive view.



  • Children/Family
  • Summer