Lomkällan, Särna forest and defense museum. Here you can take part of Skans 211 which is from the Second World War, the forest worker's epoch until the mechanization during the 1960-1970 century & teach you about Sarna's profiles as Särna Hedlund.


About the countryside and the borderland's natural and cultural values. The visitor can experience the countryside's nature and culture and is given an increased understanding of the natural values ​​in the village.

Films about the ski star Särna-Hedlund, about the village's strong man Stor-Per Svensa and films about the standby time in Särna.

At the open-air museum, huts from all over the forest workers' era are shown and in the area there is also a battalion chance of larger model with eg. defense and combat barriers. Skansen is completely intact from World War II.

In Skogshalla, exhibitions are shown about eg. standby time and the railway era. You can also read about Joles Pelle in the new exhibition.

Coffee service with waffles, sandwiches, ice cream and homemade cakes is available.


  • Summer
  • InfoPoint


5 km north from Särna towards Idre, RV 70.