Kids and adults with goats and old buildings in a chalet

Lofjätåsens Fäbod

Lofjätåsens pasture is located in Städjan-Nipfjället nature reserve. They run summer pasture with cows and goats. The animals are milked by hand. The milk is processed in place of which products are eaten on the spot while some cheese is stored on.



Products that are made on summer pasture are pasture cheese, goat cheese, mixed cheese, Oldman cheese, dravle, frycheese, spreadable cheese (lactique), small cheese, whey cheese and butter. They usually also have smoked meat from their own animals. SMOKE-smoked goat meat from pasture Lofjätåsens won gold at the Championships in food craftsmanship 2008th

On the wall are mountain cabin, fjös, störrös / firehouse, cold stores and drive shed. The cold store runs a cold source in a stream that led into a wooden chest and out again to the tap. The system works well as a refrigerator for milk and other food when the water at a temperature of 4 degrees.

Please call before you arrive, so that they will be on place!

Good to know

  • Children/Family
  • Summer


After driving north on Lillfjäten drove onto a gravel road begins the 2 km path up to summer pasture. The walk takes you over marsh, sparse pine and Granmo in spectacular settings. Vallen opens like a clearing in the woods. If you walk up to the west of the embankment can see the mountains in both Härjedalen and Dalarna.