Information sign about the Linnéaus trail

Linnéaus trail

Follow the trail which Linneaus made on his tour towards Röros in 1734.



Start at Sjöstugan, across the bridge over the Grövlan River and follow the trail to Sylen / Svukuriset (trail that goes a little to the right). The trail is very easy to follow and after about 2 km you pass the reindeer fence and the border between Sweden and Norway. You can go as far as you want, open and easy mountain terrain to walk about, with fine valleys that invites you to fine ramble. Alternatively you continue up against Salsfjället and on to Sylen (boat back to Sjöstugan). Would you rather do a tour, follow the reindeer fence south towards Olåns valley with the Silver waterfall and walk back on track to Grövelsjön. The trip takes about a half day up to one day.
Parking is available just before Sjöstugan if you come by car.


  • Summer