View over lake.

Lindänget - Nature Reserve

One of Dalarna's best migratory bird observation areas. Old hay meadows kept open by the grazing of cattle and sheep. Lindänget is beautifully situated along Lake Orsa. Here migratory birds rest on their way north or south. With the help of observation towers and hiking trails, you as a visitor can enjoy this paradise!



Beautiful landscape with varying nature with views over Lake Orsa with the highlands in the background. The bright, open cultural landscape is also appealing, as is the deciduous forest in the area. Lindänget houses two essentially different habitat types: the open beach meadow in the south and the forest in the north. A varied bird life with a considerable number of birds nests here in spring and autumn. Within the area there are hiking trails and two bird towers. One of the towers is wheel chair accessible with a ramp from the car park.