A small waterfall


More known as "Åsa-Nisse fallet" after Åsa-Nisse went in a barrel down the fall of the movie Åsa-Nisse flies in the air from 1956.



Located right next to a road & it is possible to park the car beside the road. Slogbod is available and there may even be firewood if you are lucky but it may be good to have your own dry Wood with you. An outhouse is a short distance behind the slogbod. Lekattsugnet is in the Älvdalen shooting range Be sure to check that there is no shooting exercise there before you go there. See information at: www.forsvarsmakten.se or call 070-23 77 667


From Älvdalen center: Drive north on RV70, turn right in Rot towards Sveg / Klitten. Then turn left towards Sveg / Lillhärdal. Turn left on the road Rotendalvägen across the bridge towards Jöllen / Bössbo. Follow Rotendalvägen 3.7km and when the road divides at Navardal Crossing turn right. Follow the road until you come across a small bridge. (here is a slogbod down by the water and a few houses) Turn left after the bridge and drive straight until you reach Lekattsugnet.

The driving distance will be about 4mil.