CBIS 1293431
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The reserve is heavily influenced by forest fires.


The old stumps, one can find traces of up to six fires. Here are most coniferous forest. The vegetation in the area consists of alternating pine and spruce with some birch. The mountain peak is a mountain-like heath and bedrock consists of bredvallsporfyr and syenite. The presence of ripbär, a mountainplant, suggesting that the mountain's brow once have been free from the forest. When the area was established in 1952 classified 50 acres at the top of the mountain land. The whole area is heavily fire affected. At most, traces of six fires have been identified. Some of the area, like the mountain's head, completely unaffected by forestry. It is a 10-20 have large pine forest of 300-400 year old pines and large amounts of dead wood in the form of snags and fallen. The forest is otherwise moderate the influence of dimension felling until 1920. After that no withdrawals have been made.

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