Kyrkbytjärn mere

The mere Kyrkbytjärn is easily accessible, rich in birdlife and located in Vika, east of Lake Runn. This lake is one of central Sweden's most north-west eutrophic steppe lakes and is where many migrating birds meet, waiting for the snow and ice to melt in the north.


There are two birdwatching towers, from which you have a great opportunity to see the migrating birds. The banks formed at low tides provide resting places for many waders in late summer and autumn, such as dunlins and little stints. Broad-billed sandpipers have also been spotted. By the mere there is a large colony of black-headed gulls, benefiting other breeding species. But the area is not just home to aquatic birds. Marsh harriers are known to breed here and are sometimes seen flying over the reeds. The environment is also a good biotope for many small birds. It is also where the first bearded reedling in Dalarna was sighted, a bird that typically lives by lakes with a lot of reeds. A visit to Kyrkbytjärn is enjoyable for both amateur and professional birdwatchers. Around Lake Runn there are a few other sites similar to Kyrkbytjärn. Främbyviken lies in the north west and Karlslundstjärn is in the north east. Many seabirds rest here during the migration season.